"Sophisticated and at the same time comfortable, the locations created by Campa&Campa range from Venetian eighteenth-century elegances which are translated into the purest contemporary taste, to awesomenesses of remote places visited because of trade or crusade.

This is a style which arises from the love of tapestry, rivalued and made over to attractive walls dresses, from passion for the use of dark oriental woods, from the full compliance with simmetries… interrupted by the unmistakable taste for unexplored and arrogant combinations.

They are different images melting in a fluid, striking and breezy atmosphere, which has the strength of designing precious images addressed to the present time.

The Campa&Campa Style is a shout which kicks against sameness, against lack of ideas and fortitude, the eyes’ boredom, against the horror of elements taken for granted.

Alessio and Nicola Campa mark unique and poetic atmospheres, suggesting feelings, recalling perceptions, opening a way throught distant and fluctuating worlds, naturally fleeting."

Salvatore de Martino Creative Director - Opinion Leader - Milan


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